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For the connoisseurs of fish food and sea specialties

Bistro "Pinkovi" is located on the ground floor of the hotel and has seats in the open air and in a sheltered area.

It is a cozy, quiet and tranquil place, where you can just drink a cup of coffee with some friends and enjoy your delicious lunch and dinner in a perfect pleasant atmosphere.

Bulgarian and European cuisine – dishes, specially selected for the lovers of sea and fish delicacies.

The main fish menu is mostly from the Black sea, but we serve fish from Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Norway.

Bistro PINKOVI - Bulgarian food

Bistro PINKOVI - European cuisine

Bistro PINKOVI - Best food

Bistro PINKOVI - Gourmet restaurant

Bistro PINKOVI - Nessebar

Bistro PINKOVI - Ravda

Bistro PINKOVI - Sea food

Fish food - Bistro PINKOVI

Bistro PINKOVI - Nessebar-Ravda

Bistro PINKOVI - Family hotel at the Black sea coast

Bistro PINKOVI - Coastal restaurant Nessebar-Ravda

hotel PINKOVI - Nessebar - Ravda Hotel Nessebar - Ravda, Bulgaria